It’s Rigged


Kester Ogunlowo, Staff Writer

2020 has already been a challenging year for many.  With Covid-19, and racial tensions throughout the country, we end the year with a Presidential election. Covid-19 cases are still on the rise and many people have doubt about in-person voting.  Regarding, the mail-in ballot system, RN nurse Comfort Ogunlowo thinks, “Its good, you don’t need to go out and worry about getting the virus.”  Millions of people considering mail in votes,  will they really be counted?

Trump has encouraged North Carolinas to vote twice, saying “voters could send in a mail-in ballot early, go to a polling location to see if it was counted and, if not, vote again.”  According to National Conference of Legislators, this is an illegal act. However, Trump argues that mail-in voting is not a good idea, stating “mail-in voting could lead to widespread voter fraud.” On the other hand, Postal worker, Yemi Akinyemi, says “We have a smart and secure system that works.” As  more and more people start registering to vote, we have student voters like Randallstown High school senior, Rashawn Golding, expressing his concern stating, “If the voting system is rigged then it would be a waste to vote as Trump could possible win. and in the process drag this through the counts for months.

In an article from, they talk about the idea of voting online. And with the ongoing pandemic and controversies surrounding mail-in ballots, there has been an interest in the thought of an online election. While the idea of an online election might seem appealing, many experts remain skeptical about its safety. Voting online could mean that hackers, like foreign adversaries Russia or China, could interfere with the election through cyberspace. Even though online voting would be easy and a great way to track votes, experts agree that we are still far from a future where voting is as easy as a click of a button.