Flawed, Broad, Voting Fraud

Flawed, Broad, Voting Fraud

Aniyah Clarke, Staff Writer

The voting process has always been important for our country.  It enables American citizens to have a say in who holds positions of leadership for our nation. As we approach the end of 2020 and the Presidential elections are nearing, voting is crucial now more than ever. Concerns over voter fraud and voter intimidation, have caused some Americans and President Donald J. Trump to question the voting process.

Some Americans may believe that President Trump is one of the many reasons that voting fraud has come to light. According to the Associated Press (AP), Trump claims that mail-in voting is “rigged” and alleging that mail-in ballots will not get an accurate count.  Despite those allegations, Trump’s administration found little to no evidence to support the loosely made claims of voter fraud. Trump still believes that there are non-citizen voters, citizens that are voting more than once, and citizens voting pretending to be someone else.

Even though Trump has accused mail-in voting of being “rigged” he often vote by mail. In March, he chose to vote by mail for Florida’s Presidential preference primary election.  According to CNN, Trump had many opportunities to place a ballot in person. While visiting a golf course in Palm Beach, Florida it is alleged that President Trump passed multiple occasions to vote in person but chose to do so by mail instead. Trump defends his reason for voting by mail by saying “If there is a reason for it, that’s okay.” He believes that if someone is sick or living in the White House then it is okay to vote by mail but anything other than being sick or in the White House is unacceptable.

In addition to Trump voting by mail in March, he also casted a vote by mail in August for the 2020 Presidential Primary elections. According to NPR.org, “Trump submitted the Florida primary ballot by giving it to a third party to return…”.  However, he has criticized Democrats many times for using the same method. He claims that mail-in voting is a “hoax” and Democrats know that, voting by mail is a “hoax” for them to win. Kamala Harris, the Democrats’ Vice-Presidential candidate, had a few thoughts about Trump’s recent methods of voting.  She took to twitter to write “Donald Trump votes by mail but doesn’t want you to. If it is good enough for him, it is good enough for us”.

While the occurrence of voter fraud is few and far in between, this has not stopped Trump from making claims about mail-in voting that are unsubstantiated.  Although Trump has been making false claims about mail-in voting, it is still one of the leading methods to cast a vote. The Pew Research Center conducted a study and found that about 50% of US citizens have voted by mail for this year’s Presidential Primaries. Whether one chooses to cast their vote by the traditional in-person ballot or by mail-in ballot, it is imperative that everyone exercises their right to vote. No matter what method is chosen, what matters the most is that American citizens get out and vote!