Dispatched Ballots?!?


Kabeerah Oshun, Staff Writer

The destructive Coronavirus has impacted the world hard and unexpectedly, which has led to multiple complications. Aside from the economic risks, it has forced America to reconsider the way upcoming elections should be conducted. More and more Americans are considering other alternative was to decide the future of their country. Mail in voting has been available for quite some time and used often by members of the military who reside overseas during an election.  This year, mail in voting will be used in larger numbers by those who live in this country.  Many are mailing in their ballots for safety reasons.  While the virus rages on, many want to reduce human contact as much as possible. However, there has been a lot of speculation about the process being deceitful.

It appears that Americans are eager to cast their votes in this upcoming election, especially new voters. They are excited to vote this year because they feel like the country’s future is in their hands, following this summer’s protests over racial injustice and inequality. “I cannot wait to get that orange man out of the office. He is making Americans look stupid,” said, a local female high school student who wishes to remain anonymous.

According to NPR.org, many people who are using mail-in voting for the first time, especially young Black and Latino Americans would likely have their votes rejected due to errors. A CIRCLE/Tufts College poll showed that Asians and Caucasians have been voting by mail longer than Blacks and Latinos. The NPR article further explains, citizens in Southern states do not usually vote by mail without a valid excuse.

Alongside voters lacking experience, some have also claimed that they have been given limited information about mail-in voting. “I am eager to vote… but I barely have an idea on how to vote through the mail… I still don’t understand how some states are allowed to accept votes after November 3rd” said, the high school student who was nervous about the process.  She goes on to add that she expects more from the government to educate youth on how to vote because some people are new to the process of mail-in voting.

The option to vote by mail will be available to all states but there would be limitations.  According to a New York Times article, 21% of states mail their ballots directly to voters, 57% of states allow absentee voting, and 22% of states require an excuse to vote by mail. Voters should check with their government’s website to get more information on the upcoming election.