A Man with a Plan


Ellis Greene, Staff Writer

Covid-19: The virus that has made headlines throughout the entire world and has caused massive global panic.  Although many countries have gone through great lengths to maintain the virus, some have yet to show any progress.  At the time of this writing, the United States leads with over 8 million positive cases, two of which happened to be the current President and his wife. Regarding the Covid-19 virus and proceeding with an effective way of maintaining it, Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden states, “I know how to do the job. I know how to get the job done.” But, how well does he stands by his claims?

A comparison which is commonly brought up when discussing how Donald Trump has handled this current pandemic are Barack Obama’s plans of action. During the former President’s two terms, he maintained four different virus outbreaks such as Ebola, SARS, and the Zika virus. Of course, Obama did not handle these crises alone. He did so with the help of his Vice President, Joe Biden, and the rest of the US government. Although Covid-19 has proven itself to be a force not to be reckoned with, as it is able to spread to humans 6 feet away from its carrier, cdc.gov states the country has faced worse. In these current times, both the Ebola and SARS viruses would have posed even larger threats, being transmittable within a distance of only 3 feet.

Having dealt with virus outbreaks in the past, Joe Biden believes that he, and his team, would be more suitable to handle the current situation the country is faced with. Biden, alongside Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris have created a new plan which they believe will get the country headed in the right direction and get a handled on the spread of the virus.  The main thing they hope to change is the rate at which citizens are tested. They also hope to increase the number of testing sites in America, as well as making it free to be tested for the virus. They plan to invest in equipment to test citizens for the virus which can be used from the comfort of their own homes.

Another goal Biden hopes to reach is the mass distribution of vaccines throughout the country. While Trump’s team has been in the process of creating a vaccine as well, Biden has had his plans as early as March. According to an article by cnbc.com, research towards vaccinations has been funded over $10 billion under Trump’s administration. However, Biden plans to invest $25 billion towards the production of vaccines, as well as ensuring that vaccines will be free for every U.S citizen.

The United States is currently faced with a tough situation, but it is not impossible to recover.   The Bubonic Plague resulted in the deaths of over 50 million people, but society continued to grow and overcome the pandemic.  If Joe Biden is elected for President, America may possibly see a change in the way this virus has been handled thus far.