A Face Like Mine: an Editorial


Washington Post

Kelli Reaves, staff reporter

Kamala Harris being elected as the 49th Vice President is a momentous occasion. Not only is she the first black Vice President, but she is the first black FEMALE Vice President.  As a black girl, seeing a person of color in such a high position in office, gives me so much hope for the future of America.

During this election, many people had opposing thoughts and opinions on Harris being Vice President, but she went against those odds to pursue her dream. She stood her ground during the vice presidential debate, and became a voice to the underrepresented. During the debate, Harris addresses the Breonna Taylor case, disn playing passion towards the many people that stood hand in hand to fight against injustice. She says, “…And people around oura country of every race, of every age, of every gender, perfect strangers to each other, marched shoanulder to shoulder, arm in arm, fighting for us to finally achieve that ideal of equal justice under law. And I was a part of those peaceful protests.” As someone who is passionate about the injustices in America, it means a lot that she recognizes the people that are fighting peacefully against them. Her connections with all kinds of people is inspiring to me, because even though she holds such a high place in office, she remains humble enough to engage with the people she is representing.

Though I don’t plan on pursuing a career in political science, black women take up a very small percentage. I plan on going into the STEM field, specifically the health science field, and seeing Kamala Harris in office, inspires me to take on the challenge. Kamala Harris faces every task with confidence, even with people against her politically.

It would be really nice to see more representation from people of color in positions where minorities aren’t as apparent. Seeing someone that looks like me in office, is inspirational to not only me but many other girls of color. Her confidence gives me the confidence to take on leadership roles no matter the outcome.