You Had One Job

Blossom Onwubuariri, staff reporter

As a first world country that is supposed to have a dependable democracy, stable economy, endless resources, and excellent quality of life, Covid19 seem to get the better of the United States of America. Currently, there have been 24 million cases and over 400,000 deaths. Within these 10 months of being in a pandemic, I have learned that our previous adminstration truly did not care about the American people. It seems like there is always a spectacle concerning American’s needs.

About 57.4 million Americans have filed for unemployment and over 100,000 small business have permanently shut down since March of last year. To combat these losses of income, the previous government decided to issue out $1,200 stimulus checks for each taxpayer with $500 added for each of their children, back in March of 2020. After the first stimulus check, it took 10 months for Democrats and Republicans in congress to agree on a $900 billion coronavirus relief package. It consists of the second stimulus check worth $600, $246 billion into Paycheck Protection Programs for small businesses, a $300 federal unemployment supplement, and expanding unemployment insurance. My question is what took them so long? Where was the urgency to get this money distributed? While congress was going back and forth with each other like children, millions of Americans were worrying about getting evicted from their homes, their next meal, paying bills, and taking care of their children. That is why it would have made sense if our government consistently gave us at least a $1,200 stimulus check every month to help cope with these challenging times. Also, one of the main points of the stimulus checks is to improve the economy by giving consumers money, especially during these unprecedented times. I found it frustrating when then Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell opposed the $2,000 stimulus check and made it seem like $600 was enough money. $600 would barely cover most people’s living expenses especially after not receiving financial aid from the government for the past 10 months.

Now, that Joe Biden is in office, I expect our government to take the right steps to help Americans financially and will promptly get us out of this pandemic.